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Solana Saga Phone Soars to $5,000 on eBay as Projects Queue Up for Token Airdrops to Saga Users

The Solana Saga phone quickly sold out and resold for up to $5,000 on eBay, spurred by valuable token airdrops. New projects are lining up for the airdrop to Saga users.

December 19, 2023 by Sheldon

The Solana Saga phone experienced a surge in demand this week and a rapid sell-out triggered by an intriguing arbitrage opportunity. Initially priced at $599, the value of claimable BONK tokens that came with the phone soared to $900 at its peak, outstripping the phone's retail cost. This price difference led to a swift 48-hour sell-out of all 20,000 units.

Following the sell-out, the secondary market, mainly eBay, became a hotbed of activity. As various projects announced airdrops for Saga phone users joining BONK, the perceived value of the phones skyrocketed. At the height of this frenzy, one phone fetched a staggering $5,000, with many others trading in the $4,000 range. This price surge was fueled by speculation and anticipation of future airdrops as more projects launch their tokens. The phenomenon created a significant FOMO among people, pushing prices upward.

Notable projects that have announced airdrops for Saga users include Solend Protocol, Myro,  SAMO, and $Gecko. The Heist game also announced season 3, aka "A New SAGA," indicating an Airdrop for Saga holders. Additionally, Jupiter Exchange has indicated they are considering an airdrop for Saga users, further intensifying the speculative market interest.

To read more about projects that announced the airdrop before the sell-out, click here.

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Airdrops for Saga users Photo credit @fabianosolana

In light of these developments, the success of the Solana Saga phone underscores a pivotal shift in product marketing within the Web3 space. This innovative approach, blending product sales with token airdrops, is not just a clever marketing strategy; it represents a potential paradigm shift in how companies can drive growth and mass adoption in the blockchain world. This pun-intended saga may set a precedent for future marketing strategies in the rapidly evolving landscape of Web3.


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