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Parcl Joins the Points Meta: Innovative Real Estate Trading Platform Introduces a New Loyalty System

Parcl launched Parcl Points, a loyalty program that rewards user trading activities and boosts platform engagement. The total value locked reached $8M.

December 18, 2023 by Sheldon

Parcl, the innovative real estate investment platform, has announced a new loyalty program, Parcl Points, to boost user engagement. Parcl V2 and V3 users will be retroactively awarded Points for their past trading and liquidity provisioning (LP) activities. V2 and V3 users will receive Points for their past contributions, with V3 users enjoying a 10% early adopter bonus. Traders earn one Point per day for each USDC of initial open interest, while LPs earn three Points per USDC deposited daily.

Parcl announced some special perks for their NFT collection; users holding HOA NFTs will receive bonus Points, with significant increases for holding multiple NFTs. Parcl is also developing a referral program to engage the community further and offer additional rewards. The Points Program aims to enhance the trading experience, quantitatively rewarding users for their contributions to the Parcl ecosystem.

The announcement significantly impacted user activity on the platform as the Total value locked reached an impressive $8M, and open interest, representing the total value of all open trading positions, surpassed $2M. 

Parcl is a decentralized exchange platform dedicated to perpetual trading in real estate synthetics. It offers cross-margin trading options across a variety of real estate markets. Parcl has raised $11.6 million in funding over two rounds, backed by big names like Solana Ventures and Coinbase Ventures. Parcl aims to bring RWAs( Real world assets) on-chain and make trading and investing more accessible.  

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