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Jupiter's Launchpad Applications Start to Roll In: Let's Meet the Top 3 Contenders

Applications flood in for Jupiter's LFG launchpad – meet the standout projects vying for a transformative opportunity.

February 16, 2024 by Sheldon

Jupiter Exchange, the largest DEX aggregator on Solana, has opened its LFG launchpad for applications. The Jupiter DAO, alongside $JUP holders and the community, will carefully assess these applications to determine which project will be selected for the inaugural LFG launchpad listing.

Let's find out the top contenders who have applied.

Sharky: Pioneering NFT Lending

Sharky, the #1 NFT lending protocol on Solana, has facilitated 95% of NFT-backed loans by volume on the network. Their notable achievements include:

  • Market Dominance: 70-90% market share for over 1.5 years
  • User Benefits: ~450,000 SOL distributed to lenders in interest
  • Revenue: $1.2M revenue in 2023, on track to triple this year
  • Solana Volume: Has a dominant share of NFT trading volume on Solana

Sharky envisions becoming the liquidity layer across protocols and chains, enabling peer-to-peer lending for an expanded range of assets. Their token launch (TGE), expected in March 2024, will feature the $HARK token with a total supply of 100,000,000. Sharky is backed by investors such as Big Brain Holdings, Token Ventures, and Monke Ventures.

deBridge: Revolutionizing Cross-Chain Communication

deBridge focuses on secure and efficient cross-chain liquidity and data transfers. A Solana infrastructure cornerstone for years, their achievements include:

  • Security: 100% uptime and no discovered vulnerabilities
  • Capital Efficiency: High performance without locked liquidity
  • Revenue Generation: ~$23k daily profits nearing $1M in treasury reserves
  • Solana Volume: ~$300M+ bridged volume through Solana

deBridge plans to issue its token on Solana, aligning with the ecosystem's emphasis on scalability and capital efficiency. Their LFG launch and points campaign aims to establish a decentralized DAO in which Jupiter and deBridge users will play a critical role. Details on tokenomics are yet to be announced.

Zeus Network: Bridging Bitcoin and Solana

Zeus Network aims to unlock Bitcoin's value within the Solana ecosystem. Their initial release, APOLLO, offers native BTC staking with Solana yield. Key developments include:

  • Consensus System: Decentralized governance through Zeus Consensus
  • Liquidity Management: Flexible strategies for handling liquidity
  • Future Plans: Building an ecosystem including dApps for NFTs, stablecoins, and more

According to the application, Zeus Network's mission is backed by top-tier investors from the Solana, Bitcoin, and DeFi worlds, including the co-founder of a top 5 blockchain and the founder of a BTC layer 2. The launch of their $ZEUS token with a total supply of 1,000,000,000 is slated for March 2024.

All three of these candidates offer compelling visions for the future of Web3. Their innovations in cross-chain communication, NFT lending, and bridging Bitcoin to Solana showcase a breadth of potential. It will be fascinating to see which projects the Jupiter DAO selects for its LFG Launchpad. It's important to note that other amazing projects have also submitted applications, and we will feature more as Jupiter DAO discussions progress.


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